Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Hip Pain And Ovarian Cysts SURPRISING Connection Revealed

What is the relationship between hip pain and ovarian cysts? Read this article to know about it.

Ovarian cysts can be simply explained as small bubbles like formations that form inside the ovaries. These 'bubbles' are filled with fluids. These cysts are generally benign i.e. they not cause any harm but sometimes they can lead to painful situations, bleeding and even rupture.

Hip Pain And Ovarian Cysts

These cysts can cause various symptoms ranging from:

1) A bloated feeling;
2) W
eight gain;
3) Constant pain on both sides of the pelvis;
4) Excruciating pain during sex ;
5) Irregular and delayed periods accompanied by severe discomfort and pain;
6) Increase in hair all over the body;
7) A sharp severe pain in the abdomen, accompanied with fever and nausea, this can happen if the cyst twists or bursts;
8) Hip pain (In some cases).

Hip Pain:

Hip pain is not a very usual symptom of ovarian cysts. Or rather it is not recognized. In most cases a pain in the hips is associated with a slip disc, or some other injury. But ovarian cysts can also cause severe hi pain.

In most cases the pain is in one side. It is a constant dull sort of ache that increases during periods. It can become very severe if the cyst is large. What happens is when the cyst starts to grow it creates a pressure all around leading to various pains and discomforts? A large cyst may create pressure on the kidneys too and thus leading to the urge urinates very often.

If you are suffering from a constant pain in your hips it is best to go to a doctor and opt for a CT scan, or pelvic examination. IN many cases, there might be no other symptom of the cyst other than just a dull constant ache in your hip. It is very easy to ignore this pain, or to consider it as the result of some heavy stress, or to blame it on some other cause. To be sure that you are not suffering from a cyst it is best to go for a thorough check up.

Cysts are generally benign in nature and they even go away with a very little or sometimes eve without any treatment. But in rare cases they might turn malignant i.e. cancerous. Or sometimes they may even burst, twist on itself or even lead to rupture. In such cases it becomes very serious and may turn fatal too.

An ovarian cyst should never be ignored. In today's world women have got many modes of treatment to choose from. But research has proved that though many opt for the conventional modes of treatment, it is more in ignorance than from a selective choice. Medical practitioners fail to tell their patients about the other modes of treatment available. Conventional methods treat the symptoms rather than the actual cause. Even in the case of hip pain, inmost cases you'll find the doctors prescribing medicines for the hip pain rather than going for a CT scan or a pelvic examination to even determine the actual cause.

The holistic approach is in fact the best in treating ovarian cysts, and so it rids of the dull aching pain in your hips. The holistic approach doesn't just cure the hip pain; it cures the cysts, rather removes their cause and thus doesn't let the cysts or any symptom to return. The holistic approach is based on the fact that most health problems including ovarian cysts are caused due to various controllable environmental factors. These causes might be psychological in nature, or may be related to behavioural, nutritional or even biochemical reasons. Therefore by taking care of these causes we can actually minimize or even eliminate the risk of ovarian cysts. In cases of ovarian cysts and their symptoms holistic approach is the best.

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