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Herbs For PCOS:
Do They REALLY Work?

The ovarian cyst syndrome or PCOS is considered to be one of the primary factors responsible for female infertility and is difficult to cure through conventional medication. When prescription pills fail to produce the desired results, people often resort to herbs as the only alternative therapy for relief. However, you should always consult the attending family physician before attempting any herbal therapy , if you are already on prescription medication.

Nevertheless, herbs do help controlling in PCOS to some extent, and so are described below.

         ChasteBerry (Vitex) is a well-known herb that has been used for decades to cure female herbal imbalance. Moreover, it is believed to stimulate as well as stabilize the functioning of the pituitary gland that is responsible for releasing the Luuteinizing Hormone (LH). Vitex also raises the progesterone level in the body which aids in female fertility.

         The Dandelion root indirectly helps menstrual problems and infertility issues by cleansing the liver of toxins, which is believed to hold back fertility. Dandelion root is also known to have properties that can prevent NASLD.

         Milk Thistle also helps to control PCOS by improving the functions of the liver. It is said to have an amazing effect on liver cells by restoring their function.

         Saw Palmetto has anti-estrogenic effect, and so can inhibit higher estrogen levels in women who are suffering from PCOS. It can also increase libido and help weight loss.

While all these herbs can help, but the fact is, they just target the symptoms mostly, and not the root causes of ovarian cysts . This is what conventional medications do as well. The most effective cure for ovarian cyst is possible through holistic remedies that treat all the contributing factors and not just the symptoms. The results are quick and permanent.                                     

Herbs For PCOS

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Herbs For PCOS

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