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The Only Herbal Treatment for Ovarian Cyst that Gets RESULTS

Far too many women suffer from the ovarian cyst syndrome, and far too many of them are subjected to wrong treatment. This is really sad. Those who practice conventional medicine realize that by treating just the symptoms, the cysts are almost certain to return - but they really have no other option because conventional treatments cannot cure the main causes. Often surgery is also recommended. While surgery can remove the cyst, but here too, the root causes remain within the body, and so the cyst returns. Though surgery may sometimes become necessary because the cyst is simply too large or because it has become twisted, but do remember that surgery may cause complications too.


Treatment For Ovarian Cysts - Opting For Herbal Treatments


Because of the problems with conventional treatments that include surgery too, there are some women who have tried herbal treatments. And in some cases at least, herbal treatments do seem to work. So are you thinking out trying the herbs to see whether your cyst will go away? You could. But you should know that herbal treatments take a while to give results - sometimes as long as 3 to 6 months. So if your condition is critical, this may not be the way to go.


Herbal treatments believe that one reason why the cysts happen is due to high toxic levels within your body. So these treatments try to cleanse the body so that the toxins go away. The liver is cleansed and the blood too. Another reason the cysts form is because of imbalance in the hormones - so these treatments aim to rectify the hormonal level too.


Herbal treatments depend on diet to a great extent to deliver the results. Herbal practitioners believe that there are certain foods that make the situation worse and so they should be removed from the diet. And there are some foods that can control these cysts, and so the woman is encouraged to include them. Foods that are encouraged include green leafy vegetables, raw fruits, whole grains, whole foods, garlic and legumes. And those the practitioner will ask you to restrict or stop include white sugar, red meat, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, eggs, fat and refined as well as processed foods.


Ovarian Cyst Removal - The Herbal Diet Plan


Here is a typical herbal treatment diet plan.


  • 3 capsules of vitex
  • 3 capsules of black cohosh
  • 2 capsules of dandelion root
  • 2 capsules of black haw
  • 1 capsule of pau d' arco
  • 1 capsule of chaparral
  • 1 capsule of bee pollen


This combination needs to be taken two times every day. Start the plan 2 weeks after your last menstruation cycle, and stop taking this once the next cycle begins. And once the cycle begins, you should start taking the following plan - take this for 2 weeks, or till two weeks before the next menstruation cycle.


  • 3 capsules of blue cohosh
  • 3 capsules of black cohosh
  • 3 capsules of milk thistle
  • 2 capsules of wild yam
  • 1 capsule of yarrow
  • 1 capsule of pau d'arco
  • 1 capsule of chaparral
  • 1 capsule of bee pollen


The above mentioned combination will also need to be taken two times daily. For best results, you must always supplement this with Vitamins C, E and A.


Stay on this plan for a minimum of 3 months, because as mentioned earlier, herbal treatments take time to deliver results. If your situation does not seem to be improving, then try this for another 3 months. If your situation is quite critical, then it can take even longer - so remember this. What has been mentioned above is just a general plan. To make it most effective for you, it is essential to customize the plan to suit your unique body needs. So before trying this, it is essential that you seek the advice of a trained professional.


Try Holistic Remedies


Yes, herbal treatments might work, but this is in reality just a part of the bigger puzzle. For best results, you should turn to holistic remedies that treat the body as a whole to identify all the root causes. The fact is, ovarian cysts can be caused because of many contributing factors and it is essential to identify them all and eradicate them. This is why the holistic approach is necessary. And once all the contributing factors are eradicated, the symptoms and the cyst too go away. The results are quicker, absolutely safe and permanent. Most other remedies on the other hand just treat the symptoms, and this is why the cysts return.

Herbal Treatment For Ovarian Cyst

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Herbal Treatment For Ovarian Cyst

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