Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Getting Pregnant With Ovarian Cysts: Is It Possible?

Getting pregnant with ovarian cysts is nothing unusual. Unless they know about them and are getting regularly examined for them, most women discover their presence only after getting pregnant .

That's undoubtedly worrisome. The mention of cysts raises dark visions of malignancy - at least, of threats to the baby and a safe delivery. As doctors will no doubt reassure, the cystic ovarian condition by itself poses no threat to either. But sometimes however, a complicated ovarian cyst can indeed cause problems.

Ovarian cysts are common. Most women are likely to have them quite a few times without feeling their presence, because they mostly disappear on their own. For women, pain is normally a bigger concern. It can arise from abnormal growth of cysts, and even more when the cyst twists or ruptures .

Doctors who are treating a cyst, before and during pregnancies, at first carry out close monitoring and observation. What's its location? How fast does it grow? What kind of fluids or tissues are inside it? These are the questions they ask.

Diagnosis onwards, doctors may use their hands and eyes, besides ultrasound and laparoscopic scans, plus normal tests like BP, EKG, blood and urine, to ensure that the mother and baby are - and will remain - safe throughout the pregnancy.

If a cyst needs to be removed, they usually use the least invasive procedure, like a laparotomy, even during a pregnancy. But in some cases, the cyst cannot be removed this way, and it stays there and thus the risk remains.

It is much wiser to avoid cyst formation altogether! But sadly, with conventional medications and natural PCOS treatments this is not possible. The only alternative is holistic remedies that find out why the cysts are getting formed and then get rids of the root causes. And once these contributing factors are removed, the cyst never forms again.         


Getting Pregnant With Ovarian Cysts

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Getting Pregnant With Ovarian Cysts

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