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Functional Ovarian Cyst:
The REAL Cause

Of cysts in ovaries, the most common are functional ovarian cysts. They are so called because they are integral to the physiology of ovulation and menstruation. They are not pathogenic, i.e., not indicative of disease.

As part of the menstrual cycle, they normally re-form into ovarian tissue. However these cysts are the most common and harmless of all ovarian cysts.

Of the types of fundamental cysts, one is the follicular ovarian cyst.

A follicle, which is a sac-like structure that is formed in ovarian tissue, holds the human egg as it forms and ripens during the menstrual cycle. As the egg approaches maturity, the pituitary gland in the brain releases a hormone directing the follicle to break open so that the egg can emerge for dissolution or fertilization.

If this signal is not sent, the follicle does not break open and release the egg. It keeps growing and turns into a cyst. The cyst shows no perceptible symptom, and vanishes within weeks. 

The other functional ovarian cyst is the corpus luteum cyst.

After releasing the egg, the follicle, now called a corpus luteum, normally secretes hormones to ready the womb for possible conception, and then dissolves. If it closes up instead, a cyst forms and secretions accumulate. Normally dissolving in weeks, it may on rare occasions grow huge, threaten the ovary and cause pain.

Either of these cyst types may also hemorrhage . Usually self-limiting, they may need surgery.

However harmless, functional ovarian cysts signal systemic malfunction. And thus, cyst removal should be a priority. But it is enough to get rid of the cyst. Rather, the contributing factors that cause the cyst should be removed. And this is precisely what holistic remedies do. Unlike natural treatments for ovarian cyst and also conventional treatments, the holistic approach treats the root causes and not the symptoms. The results are always good.     


Functional Ovarian Cyst

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