Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Follicular Ovarian Cysts EXPOSED

The follicular ovarian cyst is the most common kind of ovarian cyst. It is basically a sac inside the ovary filled with fluids. In the normal procedure a follicle that contains the egg is in fact a fluid filled cyst. When due to some unusual reason the follicle doesn't release the egg and continues to grow, then it forms a cyst. Generally, the cysts resolve with little or no treatment during a few months time.

Follicular Ovarian Cysts

The follicular ovarian cyst generally occurs during the time ovulation and it can grow up to 2 to 3 inches. The most common form of symptom caused by a cyst is pain. The pain occurs when a cyst ruptures or twists on its self. Such a situation can lead to severe pain and lots of discomfort. The pain caused by follicular cysts is called mittelschmerz and is it occurs during the middle of the monthly cycle. Only about of women who suffer from follicular ovarian cyst have to face this pain.

In most cases the presence of cysts goes unnoticed. The reason being; the cysts generally don't cause any kind of symptom. If the cysts don't have any symptoms then their detection is generally accidental. They are found during routine pelvic check up or during an ultra sound examination. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, based on the size and condition of the cyst treatment is started. In most cases cysts are benign in nature and rarely cause much trouble. But there might be discomfort, pain, irregular periods and pain during intercourse.

But sometimes the cyst might cause severe excruciating pain. In such cases it is important to opt for surgery. Once the surgery is done the cyst is generally sent to the lab to detect the nature of the cyst, just in case it might be malignant. But generally in the case of follicular ovarian cysts they are benign in nature. However do remember that ovarian cyst surgeries may come with complications. So always consider this before opting for surgery.

Let's take a cursory glance over the causes and symptoms of the follicular ovarian cyst before continuing with our discussion

Causes:the follicular ovarian cyst is caused when the follicle fails to release the egg and fills up with fluid.


The symptoms of these cysts though rarely appear but still based on their size there might be a few symptoms present-

Pain in the lower abdomen during the monthly period

Your monthly cycle is delayed

Your vagina might bleed when your monthly cycle is not going on

When a follicular cyst twists on itself you might face:

Severe pain accompanied with vomiting and cyst

If the cyst ruptures:

Severe pain after or during sex

If you face any of these symptoms you should immediately go to a doctor, as a ruptured or twisted cyst might cause bleeding and to stop it you might require immediate surgery.

Though surgery helps in getting rid of the cyst, it does not provide a guarantee regarding their recurrence. Even when a cyst has been completely removed it might occur again. The best way to deal with ovarian cysts is the holistic approach. The holistic approach addresses not the symptoms but the root cause of the cysts. It not minimizes or in fact eliminates the risk of their recurring again; with the help of the holistic approach you can prevent the situation completely.

The conventional modes of treatment only treat the problem right in front without worrying about what might be causing it. But the truth is there is a plethora of reasons that can cause ovarian cysts. Causes can range from physical to mental to environmental reasons. In a particular case a woman might be more prone to this problem due to some genetic formation. But through the help of holistic approach we can alter our genetic structure too, though of course only up to a certain level. But this little help is enough to prevent the problem. Holistic approach helps in preventing the cysts from occurring again and builds up the resistance power and strengthens the immune system again to fight with the problems. The holistic approach emphasizes a healthy life style and a healthy diet that helps in building a healthy person.

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