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Follicular Ovarian Cyst And Irregular Periods: The SURPRISING Connection

Read this article to know the relationship between follicular ovarian cyst and irregular period.

Although irregular periods may be triggered by many issues, follicular ovarian cysts and irregular periods sometimes becomes related issues and this is chiefly caused by hormonal changes in the body. However, it may be prudent to understand what actually is meant by irregular period or menstruation.

Follicular Ovarian Cyst And Irregular Periods

Irregular menstrual cycle in women usually refers to any alteration in regular menstrual periods or in other words, menses. Apart from other functional features, menses are some kind of a natural system of cleaning of the uterus and the vagina of bacteria (not the friendly type) and sperm that are likely to get deposited there from time to time. Since the menstrual cycle in a woman is usually counted from the start of one menses to the beginning of the next, ranging mostly from 21 to 35 days, the onset of menses for every 35 days may not be construed as irregular periods. Nevertheless, irregular menstrual cycle, when it occurs can be of short term duration or may lead to long-term irregularity. While the cause of short-term duration menstruation may arise from malnutrition, stress, tension, etc, long-term duration menstrual irregularities occur due to caffeine, a chemical that disrupts corpus luteum (a type of follicular cyst) function. In any case, these irregularities indicate the beginning of a disorder in the natural sequence of hormonal procedures that control the menstrual cycle.

Ovarian follicles undergo varying stages of changes and this happens under the influence of the hypopituitry axis that directs its activity and growth. In fact, in the active stage of a period, several follicles get recruited monthly, but eventually just one follicle can reach full maturity to produce estrogen. The follicular ovarian cyst then changes into the corpus luteum after ovulation and starts producing progesterone till the commencement of the next period. If the fertilization does not take effect, it begins to wither.

Follicular dysgenesis usually happens due to dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary or on account of the female's inherent anatomical defects. If follicular development is withheld, it results in a luteal cyst. As a matter of fact, two functional cysts are likely to develop - (a) Follicular ovarian cyst, more precisely, Graafian Follicular Cyst that occur during the first half of the period and (b) Corpus Luteal cyst that occurs in the second half. The follicular ovarian cyst's rupture is severe, sharp and raises unilateral pain during the mid cycle and this may lead to the follicular ovarian cyst and irregular period issues - this is caused by misbalancing of hormones. Besides, it gives a feeling of fullness in the lower pelvic region covering the entire abdominal area. When there is follicular ovarian cyst and irregular period, it also comes with vomiting, blood spots and nausea.

Some of the outstanding symptoms of ovarian cysts are pain in the abdomen or the lower pelvic region and it starts and ends suddenly, and it can also be severe, sudden and sharp in nature; irregular and untimely menstrual periods; a feeling of fullness in the lower pelvic region and abdominal area. Ovarian cysts symptoms also comprise pain in pelvic girdle during menstrual period (usually felt at the lower back); vaginal uneasiness and bloodspots, pain during or after sex, pain after exercise, nausea, breast tenderness, problems in passing urine or stool, obesity and others.

Follicular ovarian cyst and irregular periods can be best healed using holistic remedies. Since the cyst can be caused by many factors, the best option is to identify all of them, and this is what the holistic approach does - this is because the holistic approach treats the body as a whole. And once the causes of follicular ovarian cyst and irregular periods are taken note of, then each cause can be treated individually with the holistic approach. This is why this approach is so much more successful.

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