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Is Fertility Affected by Ovarian Cyst: Here is the ANSWER

Any woman with hopes, near or distant, of becoming a mother, is liable to feel deeply upset at the thought that she has cysts in her ovaries. Though it is a fact that almost all women have cysts in the ovary, but they can still cause problems during fertility.

But generally, in respect of fertility, ovarian cyst is not an immediate threat. The only problem is that ovarian cysts mostly show no symptom for a pretty long time. When they do, it may be because of sudden weight gain, severe pain, deepened voice and body or facial hair. In some cases however, the cyst may come in the way of pregnancy, and it may also cause harm even after she has become pregnant.

There are many types of ovarian cysts, with names that describe their source and location, such as, follicular; corpus luteum, edometriosis, cystademas, dermoid and polycystic.

What is relevant to fertility is that these become problematic only under specific circumstances.

A cyst may so twist as to cut off its blood supply. The resulting rupture can release toxins into ovaries. Others grow really large and they end up hampering the normal ovarian functioning.

Finally, multiple cysts may form either inside an ovary or on its outer surface, and they are caused by follicles repeatedly turning cystic before releasing eggs. This polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS poses a direct threat to ovulation and hence, to fertility.

Surgical removal can't prevent cysts from forming again. Conventional medications and natural treatment for PCOS also does not work. The only cure that works is the holistic approach, which instead of treating the symptoms, treats the real root causes.                                  

Fertility Ovarian Cyst

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