Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Fertility And Ovarian Cysts:
Is There Is Connection?

Fertility doesn't depend on the woman alone. The male sperm has its role to play. But whether a woman's ovaries are functioning properly or not may have to do with ovarian cysts. Fertility and ovarian cysts may be related depending on the nature and the position of cysts. And not only that, cysts may interfere negatively, even after the woman has become pregnant. Cyst treatment is thus a priority always.

Normally a woman's monthly egg is formed in a follicle , or fluid-filled sac. On maturing, the egg tears through the follicular wall and either dissolves or is fertilized. The follicle takes days or weeks to resolve back into normal ovarian tissue.

An ovarian cyst forms when, owing to some bodily malfunction, the follicle either fails to let out the egg or, having released it, re-forms its covering. When this happens, she has the ovarian cyst syndrome. However, it still poses no threat.

Cysts become problematic to fertility if they interfere with ovulation. If a cyst keeps growing such that it occupies too much space inside the ovary, ovulation may be hindered.

If follicles repeatedly turn cystic, many cysts may form inside an ovary, causing a polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Many cysts may also press down on an ovary's outer wall. And the damage is worse, if a cyst twists and ruptures, infecting an ovary. Complex workings could even turn the normally benign ovarian cyst malignant.   

The best protection of fertility against cysts is not treatment targeted solely to remove cysts, which gives no guarantee against recurrence, but to prevent them.

That is possible only by the holistic approach. While there are conventional cyst treatments and natural treatments for PCOS, but nothing works better than the holistic approach that treats the root causes of the problem, and not just the symptoms.


Fertility And Ovarian Cysts

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Fertility And Ovarian Cysts

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