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Cysts may form in any part of the body and when they do so in or around the female reproductive organ, namely, the ovary, they are called ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts may vary in size, type, formation and conduct. Though most of them are benign in nature, i.e., non-cancerous, they may cause several symptoms including weariness, exhaustion, pressure or pain on the bladder and rectum, irregular menstrual cycles, lower back pain, painful instead of pleasurable sex act, tenderness in the breast  - the end result of all these upsetting episodes being tiredness and fatigue. The fatigue is more marked in the case of some ovarian cysts that tend to turn cancerous.

Fatigue And Ovarian Cysts

Meanwhile, it may be prudent to analyze the cause of the fatigue or tiredness associated with some of the ovarian cysts. Take the case of the cystadenoma - they are actually cysts that get formed from cells that can be seen on the outer side of the ovaries and can grow to very large size. A recent case created uproar in the medical profession when a 37 year old woman was diagnosed with a mucinous cystaadenoma cyst or tumor in her abdomen that weighed 328 lb or 149 kg when removed. No wonder the lady was dead tired all the while, carrying such a heavy extra load in the swollen abdomen. Though such cases are rather rare, tales of women carrying grapefruit-sized cysts in their abdomen are not unheard of episodes. The worst part is the asymptomatic nature of these cysts; the only symptom associated with them being extreme tiredness and fatigue. These cysts can only be diagnosed during routine check up of a woman complaining abdominal pain due to some other reason than formation of cyst.

Yet another type of cyst that causes excessive fatigue and tiredness in women is the dermoid cyst, clinically termed 'cystic teratoma' that can be more classed as tumor than mere cyst. As a fairly bizarre phenomenon, this is more or less a solid structure that is filled with fragments of bone, teeth, hair, pockets of blood and even in some cases 'thyroid tissue'. This type of cyst not only creates physical fatigue but also cause emotional fatigue in women. And no one can blame the woman for the weariness that she can feel, carrying such weird contents in her abdomen.

Then there are the endometrial cysts or chocolate cysts that may grow in other parts of the body and can then attach themselves on the ovary, containing dark chocolate colored stale blood. During each menstrual cycle, these endometrial patches of tissues that have been encapsulated in the cyst will also bleed. But since there is no outlet for the decayed blood to escape, they go on getting larger in size, causing tiredness and fatigue to the unfortunate woman.

The best way to fight fatigue is through holistic medications. The holistic approach treats the body and the mind as a whole and tries to remove the fatigue while making the person healthier and refreshed. Because of this the natural immunity of the body is also improved and the person can fight diseases better. As opposed to this, conventional medicines just treat the symptoms and as a result, what caused the cyst is never known. Holistic remedies attempts to find out all the contributing factors of the cyst and then finds out ways to beat each one of them. Thus, the holistic approach is more scientific and it provides better results too.

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