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Evening Primrose Oil: Does It WORK For Ovarian Cyst?

Many are of the opinion that the evening primrose oil is a great idea for ovarian cysts. Is this the case? Find out here.

Let us through some light on the usefulness of evening primrose oil on ovarian cyst, or in other words, how the oil helps those suffering from cyst. The primrose oil is actually a gamma linoleic acid that provides relief to women suffering from ovarian cysts. But prior to that, it may be necessary to study the life cycle of the cysts themselves and how they affect the menstrual cycle of their hosts, namely women of childbearing age.

Evening Primrose Oil Ovarian Cyst

Every month the female ovaries develop a follicle which is supposed to release an egg during ovulation and then wither away. But since cysts are not always controlled by their hosts, they often fail to do their regulated duties and continue to grow in the ovary, secreting fluids, thus developing into cysts. Now, why they do not follow the textbook pattern, doing something that they should not do may prove to be a debatable point. Nevertheless, experience has taught us that pelvic congestion due to poor circulation, sluggish liver, meaty diet; lack of fatty acids, hormone misbalance and faulty lifestyle are some of the predominant causes that lead to development of ovarian cysts.

However, to delve deeper into the topic we may have to enter a denser bio-chemical jungle to find out how 'prostaglandin', a hormone-like chemical is formed that has profound effects on ovarian cysts. To make prostaglandin, one needs essential fatty acids that consist of omega-3 fatty acids, mostly found in fish oils and omega-6 fatty acids, of which the linoleic acid or LA is prominent. As one consumes LA, an enzyme (delta 6 desaturase) is formed that transforms the LA into gamma linoleic acid or GLA and ultimately into Delta Gamma Linoleic Acid or DGLA. As soon as the DGLA can locate omega 3 fatty acid in the bloodstream, the desired prostaglandin is formed. This is beneficial in a number of ways that include prevention of inflammation, shrinkage of ovarian cysts, prevention of blood clots and fixing of T-lymphocyte immune cells that plays a significant role in preventing cancer and allergies to a great extent.

And this precisely is the story of gamma-linoleic acid or GLA available in evening primrose oil which is believed to have lasting effects in controlling ovarian cysts through the help of prostaglandin.

Fight ovarian cysts, with holistic remedies. Evening primrose oil and ovarian cysts might be a good combination, but such remedies work best when they work together with holistic remedies. The fact is that, holistic remedies are most effective and can treat the condition effectiveness, quickly and safely. The holistic approach delves deeper (and does not just treat the symptoms) and aims to find out all the contributing factors that cause the cyst. And once they have been disclosed, all these factors are individually treated - this is why the cyst never returns when treated holistically. This approach does not only treat the body, but it also treats the mind and shows ways to lead a healthy and happy life. Try out holistic remedies once and see the difference it can make.

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