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Diet Prevents Polycystic Ovaries? Fact or Fiction?

You may be laughed at for saying that diet can prevent or control the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or the ovarian cyst syndrome. After all, most women of child-bearing age get ovarian cysts anyway, and most of them are harmless and disappear on their own. If some women get multiple cysts in their ovaries, they need medical treatment, not fads! It's not that simple.

However modern research shows that, diet has much to do with ovarian cysts. Questions may be raised about causation, but the statistics show a strong connection between diet and cysts , especially when recorded over a long time-span.

One survey reported that the most ovarian cysts showed up on women who ate the most beef and cheese, and least on those eating the most greens. That makes sound sense.

Your body digests and assimilates nutrients from food. If it gets more of any one kind than it needs, it either stores it or eliminates it. If wastes accumulate, they harm. With toxic chemicals getting into food - from fertilizer, pesticides, preservatives, even stuff fed to poultry and cattle, they have got to show up somewhere!  Ovarian cysts are one form.

Observe the progressive rise in polycystic ovaries in recent years - and it makes shocking sense!

Polycystic ovaries are serious: ovulation is being repeatedly stalled, the ovaries invaded by multiple cysts. what comes next?

Though in most cases, they may go away on their own, in some cases at least, there can be a complicated ovarian cyst, and this can lead to troubles. So do not take a chance. Cyst treatment is a necessity.

Holistic remedies whole works best for ovarian cysts. While other treatments treat the symptoms, the holistic approach treats the root causes, and the results are thus always positive. The cyst never comes back.                          

Diet Polycystic Ovaries

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Diet Polycystic Ovaries

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