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Does Being On A Diet
Help Prevent PCOS?

PCOS or the ovarian cyst syndrome is a disorder of the ductless glands that affects a large number of women who are in the reproductive age across the world.

A leading cause of infertility, its symptoms are many, like obesity - weight gain , irregular menstruation, acne, oily skin, and deepened voice and body hair, like men. The condition often coincides with insulin resistance and diabetes. No one knows why. There can also be cases of a complicated ovarian cyst.

What concerns us (and you, if you have PCOS), is how diet can help reduce or prevent its onset.

There's good reason to believe it can do that, though our modern therapies appear not to recognize it. Fact is, how our bodies assimilate what we eat is central to health and illness. If our body cannot digest food, absorb nutrients and discard waste, it's either accumulating bad or unnecessary stuff, or not absorbing necessary nutrition.

Most of us eat and live any way we please, and expect targeted drugs or surgery to right the body's inner balance. If we are not plain lucky, the resulting stress inside our bodily systems gets us first.

That's something holistic therapies recognize. They lay down firm dos and don'ts about PCOS diet. Some of that wisdom is luckily coming back. Most of us pay little attention to diet. Most people think diet is for people who are too fat, thin or ill, or for athletes, models and astronauts.

There's just one first step to permanent prevention or cure of PCOS: eat only healthy, organic foods - and use only holistic remedies that hit all bodily imbalances together. This is the only cure for ovarian cyst.



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