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Does An Effective Diet REALLY prevent Ovarian Cyst?
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Can diet prevent ovarian cysts? There is no simple answer to this question!

An ovarian cyst is basically a follicle that does not develop into an egg, and either keeps growing or grows up to a certain size and cannot be flushed out. Inside it, there may be fluid or fat or some other tissue. It may turn cancerous or stay benign (benign ovarian cysts ). It may be painful or painless. At best, it does no good. At worst it could cause sterility, illness and death.

A whole lot of mental and other factors, inherited or caused by environment and infection, can trigger the formation of ovarian cysts. Can diet alone prevent them? Obviously not - you need regular medical examination. Your diet, though, can provide a powerful foundation of health.

For starters, most of your food should be alkaline, not acidic, and at least 70% should be uncooked.

Try to get the choicest vegetables, and the leanest meat - organically grown is best. Fish and seafood are fine, but watch out for water-borne contaminants. Avoid all dairy and soy products, processed and refined foods; most of all carbohydrates (but not below 40 gm daily) and hydrogenated oils. Keep your daily caloric intake of fat down to 20-30%

Sprouts and non-starchy vegetables are fine, but go easy on fruit and sweet vegetables - be careful about candida proliferating in the gut. Prefer unroasted nuts and seeds and keep those grains (especially the glutinous) and legumes to a minimum.

Though there are natural treatments for ovarian cyst and also conventional treatments, but none of them can give the desired results. The fact is, holistic remedies that treat the root causes always give the best results for ovarian cysts.                  

Diet Ovarian Cyst

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Diet Ovarian Cyst

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