Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Are Cysts On The Ovaries
A Warning Sign?

Cysts inside the ovaries are usually harmless in themselves, unless they grow too big too fast, put pressure on adjoining tissue, twist, rupture, bleed and set off a chain of toxicity and infection. In those cases where the ovarian cyst syndrome causes problems, they are because of endometrioid cyst, which is often called 'chocolate cyst'.


It is formed when a sliver of the uterine inner wall bleeds and comes off it, to form a cyst that grows inside the ovaries.


As the blood accumulates over a long time, even months, it turns a reddish-brown, and thus the name - chocolate cyst . If it ruptures, its contents drain into the pelvic space, and on to the urinary bladder, the uterus and the bowels as well.


The worst case scenario then might be the formation of malignant tissue, which is better not dwelt upon - a long and painful haul. As of now, a huge number of people in theUS and in other countries of the world too suffer from ovarian cysts. And in many cases, these cysts come back even after they go away, and this can be a problem.


Stale blood and whatever else has collected inside, can spread toxins and infect the internal organs, and this is the danger of allowing cysts to go to untreated. So you must never merely keep them under close watch. After all, there can be a complicated ovarian cyst that can lead to other medical problems.


There are various cyst treatment options, but the most promising still is the holistic approach. This is safe and gives permanent results. Holistic remedies get rid of the root causes and thus the cyst also goes away for good.  


Cysts On The Ovaries

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Cysts On The Ovaries

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