Ovarian Cysts Guide

Liver Cysts:
Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Among cysts, liver cysts are as common as ovarian cysts. They may also be fluid-filled or solid. They may also be benign or diseased.

The liver is notoriously able to keep up normal functioning even when most of its five lobes are disabled. And this explains why, in the absence of other symptoms, liver cysts go unnoticed. They may be discovered accidentally during ultrasonic or other scans.

Although most cysts are benign and require no treatment, when discovered, they must be identified and assessed. With modern non-invasive technologies, most of the time, it is possible to make detailed investigations without the need for biopsies.

Non-infective conditions include simple cysts, polycystic syndromes usually connected with kidney disease - kidney cysts - as well as certain genetic disorders which can be complex and dangerous. Or else, they may be caused by various infections ranging from the echinococcal to amoebic or other abscesses. The fact is, even harmless cysts may grow so large as to press on surrounding organs.

Surgical removal is often easy and quick with technologies that are now available. But cysts are stubborn. Neither surgery, nor drug therapies focused on symptomatic treatments can guarantee non-recurrence. You must know that physical imbalances or infections that caused them once can cause them again.

It makes more sense to get serious about a holistic approach to treatment. In short, you should take the focus away from fixing the symptoms, whether they are simple or complex. Tackle their underlying systemic causes in totality instead, and the end results will be positive.


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