Ovarian Cysts Guide

Cysts in Ovaries: A Low-Down

Cysts can form almost on any kind of body tissue – in the mouth and internal organs, on the skin, tendons and joints. Many are benign and safely left alone. Others are potentially malignant and removed either by surgery or medicine.


Cysts in ovaries cause anxiety and this is mainly because they raise fears of infertility, and partly because they also involve important hormonal activity.


Ovarian cysts are formed when follicles, which are fluid-filled sacs rising out of the ovarian tissue, each holding an egg, malfunction by either not allowing a mature egg to burst the follicle wall and get out, or continuing to grow as if the egg had not left. When this happens, it is said that the woman is suffering the ovarian cyst syndrome.


Like other cysts, these malfunctions may be the result of genetic predisposition, and to that extent they are nearly unavoidable (“Nearly”, because the genetic bit may or may not dictate the malfunction. A person may be able to escape it by taking precaution).


The cysts in ovaries vary in size and looks, content and consequence. Most of them remain harmless whether they stay or shrink and merge into the surrounding tissue. However in some cases, there may be a complicated ovarian cyst.


Cysts may be pea-sized or melon-sized, and they can be full of dark blood or be thin with dense fluids. They can be fatty or with teeth and hair. They may be singular or clustered. And they may grow inside the ovaries or on their outer surface.


There are several cures for ovarian cyst. There are conventional treatments and natural treatments for ovarian cyst as well. However, nothing works better than the holistic approach that treats not the symptoms, but the contributing factors.


Cysts In Ovaries

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Cysts In Ovaries

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