Ovarian Cysts Guide

What Are Breast Cysts
And Are They A Risky?

If you are thinking about cysts, breast cysts should be on your radar as much as ovarian cysts. Both are usually harmless. Both are usually ignored. Both carry a measure of risk to health.

Like ovarian cysts, breast cysts are sacs that are filled with fluid within a breast. They can be felt as clearly defined, soft (sometimes firm) lumps, the size varying from berries to baseballs. Women who are in their 30s and 40s are most prone to get them but theoretically, younger and older pre-menopausal women can have them, too.

They are easy to ignore preciously because they are usually painless. It’s only because they so often turn out malignant and spread to other organs with fatal consequences, that doctors routinely advise women to feel for them and report any. Luckily more and more women do.

Otherwise, it is only after a cyst begins to cause pain that women take note of it. Even then, it may still turn out benign.

Breast cysts can be assessed and diagnosed by a mammogram (most routine); in case anything suspicious is found, by ultrasound examination. The ultrasound will reveal what’s inside the cyst – whether there are solid nodules or fluid, its nature, etc. It can show up lesions, and whether they are pre-malignant or malignant.

If needed, a tiny specimen of tissue or fluid from the cyst can be removed and lab-tested.

Cyst removal should always be a top priority, whether they are in the ovaries or the breasts. It does not matter whether they can cause problems or not. Because you never know when a complicated ovarian cyst can cause troubles.

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