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Why Is There Such A Surge
In The Number Of Cases Of
Cystic Ovarian Disease?

Cystic ovarian disease seems to have taken us all by surprise. Relatively few women in previous generations seem to have suffered from it, judging by the frequency of such diagnosis. What's happened since?


Today, according to a source reporting in 2008, some 14.8% of women of child-bearing or pre-menopausal age are turning up sonograms with evidence of cysts in ovaries. They are all affected by the ovarian cyst syndrome. 10% of these neoplasms are dermoid cysts.


It's a different matter that most cysts are functional and benign .


More ominously, about 15% cases per 100,000 women annually are reported ovarian carcinomas. In the US , some 22,000 ovarian carcinomas are diagnosed every year, leading to 16,000 deaths.


Worse yet, while most cystadenomas (cysts on ovary surface cells) are usually benign, here they turned out malignant. Yet low-malignancy tumors make up just 20% or ovarian tumors, less than 5% of germ cell tumors, and just about 2% of granulosa cell tumors.


What should the average pre-menopausal (especially the young) woman do from these clear warning signs?


As an immediate step, she can get regular medical examinations for the cystic ovarian disease. Neglect nothing the doctor prescribes, whether it's an ultrasound or a laparoscopic scan or biopsy. Sure is safe.


In the long term, it is necessary to understand that the reason cysts happen is internal. Benign or not, cysts are avoidable. It is also important to know that surgical cysts removal is no guarantee of non-recurrence. Nor is any other therapy focused only on removal. Natural PCOS treatment also at best removes the symptoms - but the main contributing factors remain.


Real freedom from ovarian cysts lies in a holistic approach. This approach is completely safe and the results are always good.



Cystic Ovarian Disease

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Cystic Ovarian Disease

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