Ovarian Cysts Guide

Cyst Removal:
Is it REALLY an Option?

Chances are, most women with ovarian cysts won’t know they have one unless they have irregular periods, pain, weight gain or other suspicious symptoms and get medically examined. When they find out about the ovarian cyst syndrome, they will often try to avoid removal (there is merit in that – but for different reasons).

Home treatment or natural PCOS treatments (herbal teas, like mint, chamomile and raspberry) or the hot water bottle and warm bath routine may help to relax the vaginal muscles and relieve pain. Keeping the bladder empty helps reduce pressure. Targeted diet for PCOS helps too. Birth control pills stop ovulation and prevent more cysts from forming, but don’t remove the existing one.

Finally, if patients are young enough to get pregnant, they may want cyst removal. Most often, they choose surgical removal because it is quick and an attractive option for many. But not so, if the cystic ovarian disease requires the whole ovary to be removed. There can also be cases of complicated ovarian cyst.

Surgery involves prior path tests and treatments to prevent complications during surgery or after, from any other disease, or conditions like cardiac problems, high blood pressure, and high or very low blood sugar.

Anyway, surgical removal won’t prevent new cysts. Better is herbal treatment, natural and safer. But not good enough, if it also treats only the cyst.

Cysts are caused by some disbalance in body chemistry, and the fact is, there can be many causes why they get formed. So the best course of action would be to identify them and get rid of them all. Holistic remedies do just this, and this is why these remedies are so effective in cyst treatment.


Cyst Removal

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Cyst Removal

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