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Cyst Kidney:
Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Apart from the Acquired Cystic Kidney Disease (AKCD), which can affect a person having persistent kidney troubles, most other cases comprise of Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD, which is inherited from a single or both the parents. It is a disorder characterized by the formation of several balloon-like sacs or cysts in one or both the kidneys, while the sacs themselves are often filled with semi-solid materials instead of fluid only.


Over a prolonged time, the cysts replace most of the kidney cells, thereby drastically reducing the effect of the kidney in removing body waste, thus creating renal failure.


The gradual accumulation of wastes eventually poisons the body thoroughly, turning the patient extremely sick (clinically this is known as End-stage Renal Disease or ESRD). Sadly, more than 50% of PKD patients develop ESRD, requiring regular dialysis for cleaning their blood. The only alternative seems to be a kidney transplant.


PKD symptoms usually include pain in the flanks or back, abdominal pain , frequent urination at night, large urine volumes (polyuria), headache and undue fatigue. Children with PKD express high blood pressure while neonates with PKD are born quite small.


Treatment of PKD should preferably be done holistically since no other treatment procedure is really that effective. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and get rid of all the root causes, and once these contributing factors are eliminated, the symptoms go away too. This is better than conventional cysts removal techniques and also natural treatments for PCOS since they just treat the symptoms and not the real causes.


Cyst Kidney

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Cyst Kidney

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