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Breast Cysts:
Are They a Cause For Concern?

Women belonging to the perimenopausal age group (35 to 50 years) are often diagnosed with breast cysts that may or may not be malignant or cancerous.

Cysts in the shape of fluid-filled sacs can also be self-diagnosed as grapes or malleable water-filled balloons in the breast and are seen clearly in mammograms. Larger ones are evidently easier to locate during self examination. They usually go away on their own after menopause, i.e. if they are not of the malignant type. Women on HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy are, by the way, more prone to developing cyst breasts.

Breast cysts are known to have been caused due to degeneration of the fibro-glandular breast tissues in women who have passed through their reproductive period, usually after they have crossed the age of 35 years or so. The empty spaces caused by such degeneration are taken up by fluid-filled cysts.

However, as soon as a breast cyst is felt or has been observed in the mammography, one must try to ascertain whether it is malignant or benign. And this involves quite a simple procedure. After an Ultrasound scan locates the cyst, a 23-guage fine needle is used to aspirate the cyst and the aspirate sent to the pathologists to examine whether it's cancerous cyst  or not. Nevertheless, on-the-spot analysis of the aspirate can be made and the cyst considered benign if the following conditions prevail.

         The aspirate is either clear or milky but never bloody

         The cyst tend to disappear soon after aspiration

         The cytology of the aspirate tests negative for malignant cells.

Ovarian cyst syndrome and the cyst breast can be best treated with holistic remedies. This is the better approach of cysts removal as it is more effective than conventional medications and natural remedy for ovarian cysts.


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