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Cyst Bartholin:
Causes, Symptoms and Cures

Cyst Bartholin or Bartholin cysts are formed when the flow of secretions produced by the Bartholin glands located on each side of the vaginal opening gets blocked due to trauma, infection or inflammation. As a matter of fact, the scanty fluid produced by the Bartholin glands travel through  two to three centimeter long ducts prior to reaching the skin surface.


When a duct becomes obstructed due to some reason or other, the outflow of the secretion or the fluid gets chocked and as a natural consequence, starts building up beneath the skin surface. This is what eventually taking the shape of a cyst. The cyst formation takes time since the secretions are usually sparse and are activated only when sexually aroused.


Since these are simple painless swellings in the labia majora, Bartholin cysts usually go unnoticed unless a gynecologist accidentally discovers them during a routine vaginal check up. Also, they are neither hurtful nor malignant in nature. However, they can be confused with similar cysts or fibromas that are listed below.


         Vaginal inclusion cyst

         Sebaceous cyst

         Dysontogenetic cyst

         Gartner duct cyst

         Hematomas, Fibromas and Lipomas




         Leiomyomas and Myoblastomas.


In the event of the Bartholin gland becoming infected, it will give rise to the formation of a Bartholin abscess, and in such cases, the labia major can become extremely painful. In some cases these would drain on their own - a process that can be quickened by application of hot compress or a sitz bath.


But this cyst treatment can only provide temporary relief as the main cause why the cysts are formed remain. The answer is thus in holistic remedies, and not in conventional or natural treatments for ovarian cyst . Holistic remedies treat the root causes, and not the symptoms.


Cyst Bartholin

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Cyst Bartholin

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