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Finding cures for ovarian cysts have long been bothering researchers and those who are associated with developing medicinal solutions for this crucial reproductive organ in ladies. While one school of thought insisted on using antioxidant supplements and stronger medications to suppress the cysts, others differed. Natural cure, they argued, would bring far better results. The chapter was eventually closed when both parties agreed to the use of oral contraceptives or birth control pills that would regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent the formation of follicles that turn into cysts in a round about way.


But this created a different set of problems. First of all, the pills meant an overload of hormones in the body, and this created many side effects. Secondly, the pills were not suitable to all. Moreover, continued use of oral contraceptives was considered to be one of the principal causes of ovarian cancer.


Ovarian Cyst Removal - A Unique Approach


Meanwhile, a novel approach towards solving the problem came into light. 'Why not trick the body by making it think that it is already pregnant', thought some of the new generation researchers. When the body becomes pregnant, ovulation is stopped, and when this happens, no follicles are generated. And if follicles are not there, cysts cannot develop.


Fortified with this argument, they selected a few women in the child-bearing age and provided them with "Natural Progesterone". This is a natural bio-identical hormone that the body releases in the latter half of the menstrual cycle as well as through the gestation period for halting egg production. Since the natural progesterone indirectly prompts the ovaries to stop producing ovum, cysts just fail to grow. And that's precisely what happened to this group of women. When they were subjected to ultrasound and MRI after 3 moths, no cysts were found lurking in their ovaries!


But the truth is, though the cysts might have disappeared, can it be guaranteed that they will not return? The answer is 'No'. This is because the cause of the cyst has remained within the body.


Treatment For Ovarian Cysts - The Surgical Options


Surgery is also an option, particularly when a cyst is suspected to be cancerous, or when it turns into an extra large tumor. Such a huge tumor within will naturally create pressure on the bladder or other significant organs in the lower abdomen. The surgery is carried out through Laparoscopy, which is a minimal invasive surgical method or Laparotomy that involves more complex procedures.


Nevertheless, certain factors relating to the situation at hand can determine the precise line to be followed. For instance, laparoscopic investigations are often performed to identify the actual nature of the cyst when ultrasound or MRI fails to recognize it as cancerous. In some cases, surgeons start the operation with minimum invasions (making very few holes), and then opt for laparotomy if the uterus also seems to be affected. Alternatively, when a surgeon has to operate upon a postmenopausal woman with cysts in her ovaries, he would immediately go for laparotomy or open traditional surgery since there is every chance that the cyst or even the uterus would be found cancerous and needs to be removed together.


Laparotomy or more invasive surgery, incidentally, is also needed when the cyst contains fluids as well as solids, is larger in size, weight and dimension and the patient is above 35 years of age. Surgeons usually prefer laparotomy for fear of spilling the contents of fluid-filled cysts at the time of their removal.


Apart from applying laparoscopy or laparotomy to cure ovarian cysts, Oophorectomy is often performed as well. Also termed as Ovariotomy and Orchiectomy, it is a surgical procedure in which one or both the ovaries are removed from the abdomen of the affected female. But this is known to have serious repercussion on the woman's psychological make up and so is considered as the last-resort when treating difficult ovarian cysts or ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, once both the ovaries are removed through this process, the woman loses her ability to produce and regulate estrogen levels in her body. As a consequence, doctors typically prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy to compensate the loss. But this can sadly cause complications too and many of these can be difficult to manage.


Natural Cure For Ovarian Cysts


Yes, there are some natural cures and home remedies for ovarian cysts too, but they also seem to give half results. And surgery is simply too complicated and can cause complications. Often, with the treatments available, the symptoms and the cyst goes away, only to return again. This is why turning to holistic remedies might be the best option. Holistic remedies goes to the root of the disease to cure all the contributing factors. Since this type of treatment targets the key causes of the condition, the patient recovers completely and the cyst never returns.

Cures For Ovarian Cysts

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