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Cure For Ringworm: Is It Connected To The Cure For Ovarian Cysts?

Ringworm is a common skin disorder that is not caused by any ring-shaped worm, but results from a fungi which grows and multiplies rapidly on the body (tinea corporis), scalp (tinea capitis), groin (tenea cruris) or feet (tenea pedis) which is also known as athlete's foot).


Although one can be infected with the fungi through direct skin-to-skin contact with contaminated personal items such as combs, lingerie, etc as well as unwashed clothing, shower or pool surface, a great majority of women who suffer from ovarian cysts also complain about being infected with ringworm.


Though apparently, there seems to be no relationship between ringworms and cysts, which are seen in the ovaries, but there is indeed a relationship.


Actually, PCOS or the ovarian cyst syndrome can cause some metabolic disturbances that can be the reason for the symptoms of ringworms. What happens is that, those who have PCOS overproduce testosterone, which is the male hormone, and because of this, there can be weight gains, excessive body hair, acne, and hair loss that are similar to males as well. There can be problems of menstruation as well.


Ringworms can be contagious, and so if your ringworms are because of ovarian cysts, you will need to treat the cysts and not the ringworms. Because only when you treat the causes effectively, can the symptoms go away.


Though there are natural treatments for PCOS and conventional medications as well, but they do not give a lasting cure. This is because, they make the mistake of treating the symptoms, without treating the root causes. It is only holistic remedies that eradicate the root causes and thus, the results are always permanent. You must thus opt for holistic remedies.        

Cure For Ringworm

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Cure For Ringworm

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