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Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis
and Ovarian Cysts:
The Connection REVEALED

Rheumatoid arthritis is a highly inflammatory disease that leads to joint destruction, deformity and loss of movement. Permanent disability may often result from the inflammatory process, while continual synovitis and tenosynovitis lead to the formation of synovital cysts. As for therapy, it rarely responds to allopathic treatment, but cure for ovarian cyst related to the condition is possible when attempts are made to treat it holistically.

Surprising though it may sound, but the fact remains that, a new relationship has been found between rheumatoid arthritis and ovarian cysts - though these two are completely different diseases.

In recent times, a new drug has come out that is offering fresh hope for all those people who are suffering from the polycystie kidney disease. It works by preventing cyst formation. Though this drug is meant for rheumatoid arthritis treatment, but as a side effect, it can also prevent the formation of cysts. In the US , studies have been conducted on mice and the results have been positive. Research was carried out at Kansas City in the US , and analysis was carried out with fluid taken from the cyst of 10 patients.

Presently, there is no conventional medication available that can prevent the appearance of kidney cysts , and so, this drug offers a new hope.

Though it seems that there is new hope in the horizon, but probably more research is needed on this. As things stand now, the only cure for ovarian cyst is in holistic remedies. Natural remedy for ovarian cysts and also conventional treatments just treat the symptoms, without going into the real causes. And so, the cyst comes back often. Holistic remedies however treat the contributing factors, and thus, once they are gone, the cyst goes away permanently.


Cure For Rheumatoid Arthritis

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