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DANGEROUS Complications of Ovarian Cysts You Want to Avoid

It is dangerous to neglect cysts in the ovary. Did you know that some of them are capable of creating complications that could be life-threatening? Moreover, some cysts can seriously complicate the fertility factor in many women, for which the holistic method of treatment proves to be the ideal solution. Then there is the much dreaded topic of cancer as well.


Ruptured Ovarian Cyst


True, there are quite a few complications of ovarian cysts, but the ruptured ovarian cyst is probably the biggest threat, while twisting of the ovary ranks as second. Ovarian torsion can prove equally dangerous since it tends to cut off the blood supply to the ovary. As a result of this, the ovarian tissue suffers a premature death. But above all, ruptured ovarian cyst should receive best medical attention since it can lead to deadly complications like peritonitis, hemorrhaging problems and septic shock. While peritonitis involves inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and causes intense pain, hemorrhaging cysts tend to bleed internally and create many difficult to solve problems.


Apart from the severe complications and risks, ovarian cysts often give rise to intense pain and hormonal imbalance. And this can affect the psychosomatic structure of the person for which conventional medication has practically nothing to offer. In any case, most treatment options cause several complex side effects that include loss of fertility, weight gain and recurrence of tougher cysts. It is no wonder therefore, that many women shy away from these treatments for the simple reason that these usually create more difficulties to an already difficult and painful situation.


Let us see in detail how each type of complication vitiates the cystic scenario as also determine their potentially harmful effects.


  • Dermoid ovarian cysts are formed from the cells that are responsible for production of the ovum. They contain fragments of human hair, skin, teeth, fats, bones and other types of human tissues. However, with the passage of time, these cysts grow in size as a result of which, the ovary tends to twist painfully. Moreover, these cysts, in very rare cases, tend to develop 'squamous cell carcinoma' and thus turn cancerous. With younger females, it leads to the development of endometrial sinus tumor as well.
  • Similar is the case with Cystadenomas that can grow into an enormous size and weight, creating complication and pain. Filled with sundry fluids and becoming bulky in body and weight, these can also twist the ovary.
  • As earlier discussed, endometrial ovarian cysts often get complicated by hemorrhage. However, there is a big difference between abdominal hemorrhage and one that is formed because of a ruptured endometrioma. When it ruptures, blood leaks into the abdominal cavity from the cysts. But in abdominal hemorrhage, the blood oozes out of from a damaged organ in the abdomen. In this case, the source of the bleeding should be located first and then sealed. Sometimes, the right ovary appears to be more involved with the hemorrhaging problem since it receives much less support from the bowel. The left ovary on the other hand, is partly cushioned by the bowel and is thought to be protected from trauma and twisting. Often surgery is prescribed to take care of the problem. This is usually done by opening the abdomen instead of the simpler laparoscopic key-hole surgery.
  • Among the complications of ovarian cysts, both twisting and torsion rank very high. Ovarian cysts that are larger than 4 cm in size can cause twisting of the ovary. It is more likely to occur when accompanied by a tumor. The twisting or torsion, however you may refer it, will eventually result in stoppage of blood supply to the ovary, causing death of the ovarian tissue, which is medically known as Ovarian Necrosis. Fatality of the ovarian tissue will not only lead to inflammation and subsequent infection, but will also herald the end of fertility for the woman. The other side of the picture is equally grim. Ovarian torsion has reportedly given rise to injury to the urinary tract and clotting in the ovarian blood vessels. The situation often becomes so serious that blood clots in the lungs. This condition is called "pulmonary emboli" and is considered secondary in relation to those affecting the ovarian blood vessels.


Treatment For Ovarian Cysts - How To Solve The Complications?


Ovarian cysts should never be ignored, particularly when there are complications. Often ovarian cysts surgery or some conventional therapy is suggested to get rid of the cyst. This works, but only for a while. Yes, the cyst will go away and with it the symptoms, but very soon they may return. That is because the root causes of the problem remains within the body. To eradicate ovarian cysts for ever, you need to turn to holistic remedies because they treat the body as a whole to identify the contributing factors, and not just the symptoms of the condition.

Complications Of Ovarian Cysts

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Complications Of Ovarian Cysts

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