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What are Complex Ovarian Cysts? HERE is the Answer.

An ovarian cyst normally consists of a fluid-filled sac that either grows on its own or disintegrates with the passage of a couple of menstrual cycles. However, complex ovarian cysts include various other objects apart from its usual content, often creating complications and confusion in the minds of women who tend to harbour them. Although they are benign (not cancerous) in nature, complex ovarian cysts frequently cause pain in the pelvic area, which may aggravate if they happen to twist or get entangled with other vital organs located nearby. This is when a complicated ovarian cyst happens.

However, there are several types of complex ovarian cysts , some of which are quite bizarre and wacky. Take for instance the Dermoid cysts which are produced from cells that make human eggs. As a result, they contain bits of human hair, tissues and teeth. Some even have human sweat glands embedded in them. It is therefore, no wonder that the woman who has got any of these weird substances in her womb would jump out of her skin when told about it.

Chocolate ovarian cysts or endometrial cysts are another form of complex ovarian cysts that contain stale blood which being stored up for years or months within the cyst have developed a chocolaty hue. These cysts create enormous problem when they burst or rupture, spilling their unholy content within the pelvis.

Cystadenomas are also a type of complex ovarian cysts that are composed of liquids and mucus that tend to be quite painful.

Even though there are a few cyst treatment options (including surgery) for complex ovarian cysts, they invariable address the symptoms, and not the underlying causes. The holistic approach offers the only solution as it treats the root causes, and is thus the most effective.     

Complex Ovarian Cysts

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Complex Ovarian Cysts

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