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The Causes of Ovarian Cysts UNCOVERED

Ovarian cysts are plain sac-like structures that contain fluid or semi-solid substances. Though the cysts can occur on their own anywhere in the body, but when seen in the ovaries of a female, they are referred to as ovarian cysts. These ovarian cysts occur essentially because of a failed ovulation when the egg is either not fertilized or dissolved in a cycle.


Follicles in the female ovary routinely releases an ovum or egg in course of a woman's monthly menstrual cycle, but when it fails to do so and continues to grow, an ovarian cyst is formed. Ovarian cysts are also formed when the egg is released, the hole where it is released closes up but the corpus luteum is not formed. Some people believe that Xenoestrogens contribute greatly to the formation of ovarian cysts.


Other Causes Of Ovarian Cyst


There are however, other causes of ovarian cysts too. But let us first take up the causes of common ovarian cysts that are usually harmless, disappear on their own, do not create intense pain or are not cancerous by nature.


In a normally healthy female in the child-bearing age, the ovaries develop cyst-like structures that are called follicles every month. These follicles actually produce hormones called estrogen and progesterone that are necessary for a pregnancy. But when a normal follicle continues to grow for an indefinite period of time, an ovarian cyst is formed. Known as "Follicular Cysts" these are the most commonly occurring cysts. Though some women tend to ignore them, but it is actually dangerous to do so because the cysts can turn complicated, when left untreated. In some cases, the cyst may rupture - and in such cases, they cause severe pain in the pelvic region and it lasts for a few days. Follicular cysts can be easily diagnosed through ultrasound examinations.


Corpus Luteum cysts develop after the egg is released from the follicle during the second half of the menstrual cycle. Under normal conditions, ruptured follicles start producing adequate amounts of estrogen and progesterone - the hormones that are necessary for conception, and if the desired pregnancy does not occur, they dissolve on their own and disappear. However, when they do not follow the rules and start collecting fluid or blood, they go on expanding, eventually turning into cysts. Even though this type of cyst occurs rarely and is easily diagnosed through ultrasound, studies have revealed that the chances of their occurring are directly related to heavy smoking.


Hemorrhagic cysts (endometrioid cysts) contain blood issuing from any injury or from blood vessel leakage into the egg sac. These may also develop due to bleeding and shedding endometrial tissues that imbeds in the ovaries. Nevertheless, these cysts tend to rupture eventually, thereby causing pain in the pelvic region.


Some endometriomas that are formed by endometrial tissue in the ovaries are filled with stale, sludgy-brown chocolate colored blood. These are commonly called "Chocolate Cysts". Though normally these cysts do not interfere with day-to-day life, they can cause intense pain in the pelvic region if they rupture, spilling their contents into the ovaries and the pelvic cavity. When this causes blockage of the fallopian tubes, it may result in female infertility as well. Though chocolate cysts can be diagnosed with x-rays or transvaginal ultrasound, a more accurate finding can be obtained with a blood test known as the CA 125. This test is also often carried out to detect ovarian cancer. Precise diagnosis of chocolate cysts can however be made only through laparoscopic examination, which is conducted by specialized surgeons and gynecologists.


"Dermoid Cysts" develop from the ovary's germ cells. These cells are formed from eggs and the earliest human tissues, and contain a medley of items that include bits of human hair, skin, teeth, nails, eyes, lips, bones, fat as also thyroid tissues. Although these are mostly benign (non-cancerous), but in certain cases, "Malignant Dermoid Cysts" have developed into Squamous Cell Carcinoma in adults. In younger females, it frequently leads to Endometrial Sinus Tumor.


Cysts forming from small egg follicles often cause the ovaries to thicken and become enlarged. When accompanied by acute hormonal imbalance, these turn into Polycystic Ovarian Cysts that grow in number and eventually takes the shape of PCOS.


Gargantuan Ovarian Cyst


Surprisingly enough, some cysts develop and grow from cells on the outer periphery of the ovaries, often reaching incredible dimensions. Mucinous cyst adenomas for example, often become enormous tumours and weigh over 328 lbs or 149 kg. Though mostly benign, one of these leviathan cysts turns malignant some times.


Ovarian Cyst Treatment


So it can be concluded that there are many kinds of ovarian cysts and their causes too vary greatly. Yes, it is an established fact that there could be several contributing factors as well. But no matter what the cause, the cyst has to be treated. Conventional remedies just treat the symptoms of ovarian cysts. With these treatments, though the symptoms go away thus providing relief, but the root causes remain within the body. And because of this, the cysts return to cause problems again. And with the cyst returning, the symptoms return naturally.


Turn to holistic remedies to get permanent relief from ovarian cysts. Treating the body as a whole, these remedies identify all the root causes and eradicate them. Thus once the root causes go away, the symptoms go away too.

Causes Of Ovarian Cysts

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Causes Of Ovarian Cysts

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