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Can Ovarian Cyst Prevent Pregnancy? The ANSWER Is Here

Ovarian cysts remain one of the most misunderstood conditions of the female body. Many women dread them. There are numerous questions about ovarian cysts, their symptoms, and side effects and how they impact other facets of our lives. One of the most frequently asked questions about ovarian cysts is about their impact on pregnancy. The question can be of two kinds. First, can ovarian cyst prevent pregnancy? Second, how do ovarian cysts impact an existing pregnancy? Let's take a closer look.

Can Ovarian Cyst Prevent Pregnancy

Many women would be assured to learn that an ovarian cyst does not usually affect a woman's ability to conceive. In most cases, an ovarian cyst has very little impact on a prospective pregnancy. If you have been pregnant before, then rest assured knowing that it is a good indicator of the fact that you will be able to conceive again. It should also be borne in mind that the length of time required by a woman to become pregnant can vary greatly. A successful pregnancy usually requires regular intercourse (at least twice a week) and impregnation can often take as long as a year.

However, it will not be entirely accurate to state that ovarian cysts have no impact on pregnancy. The only condition in which ovarian cysts are linked with difficulty in conceiving is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS shows many symptoms in woman, such as obesity, excessive hair growth and very irregular periods. However, these symptoms don't always indicate the presence of PCOS. So, one is well advised to undergo a thorough medical check if such a symptom be noticed, to ascertain the real cause behind it.

An ovarian cyst increases the chances of ovulation. This can adversely affect an impending pregnancy. If difficulty is faced in getting pregnant, the cyst may have to be removed first before trying to get pregnant. Birth control pills are a popular choice in this regard and there have been many reports where these pills have successfully drained the cyst and have paved the path for an easy pregnancy.

An ovarian cyst, in spite of its usually harmless nature, can often refuse to go away by its own and continue to grow large. An overgrown cyst can pose many different kinds of problems. One of the main risks involved is from the pressure on the womb from such a very large cyst. It may be sensible to opt for a Caesarean section during delivery so that the cyst can be removed during the same surgical procedure.

The answer to the problem of ovarian cysts is not contained in a surgery or medications. What every woman needs to adopt is a comprehensive approach to the problem and try to address the problem at the grass root level. And that's what the holistic approach is all about. There should be a constant and sincere effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle and create a healthy balance. This is, quite simply, the best safeguard you can adopt against ovarian cysts. With the holistic approach, you can easily ensure that ovarian cysts will never get in the way of a healthy and trouble-free pregnancy.

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