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Bloated Stomach:
The Cause of Many Evils?

A bloated stomach not only creates a dent in the aesthetic look of a person who is otherwise endowed with elegance and grace, but can also prove to be a hot house for many diseases like diabetes and coronary complications. In addition, it may also be a sign of gynecological disorders that include fibroids, ovarian cysts or endometriosis when one is not habitually overweight.

Even though we cannot flatten a bloated stomach with the help of dynamite sticks, realistic efforts can help achieve the desired effect which is described briefly below.

         If a Dermoid cyst or an Endometriod cyst has been found to have caused the bloating, surgical help in the form of removal of the cyst will solve the problem easily. Instances are not rare when elimination of unusually large dermoid cysts from the belly of females suffering from bloated stomach have resulted in restoring the normal shape of the stomach. However the problem is, the cyst may come back even after surgery, and this may lead to bloating again.

         Restricting the consumption of animal fat (in red meat), sugar and alcohol will also produce bloating since they transform into fat that gets stored in the tummy, providing that bloated look.

         Cutting down on swallowing of extra air while drinking through a 'straw', sipping hot tea or coffee or even embarking on a running commentary on any topic during eating will obviously have a contributing effect on reduction in bloating.

However, the best result is achieved through the holistic approach that will give a lasting effect to the problem. The idea is to cure PCOS so that there is no bloating . There are natural treatments for PCOS and conventional remedies too, but holistic remedies work best.

Bloated Stomach

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Bloated Stomach

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