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Birth Control Ovarian Cyst: The TRUTH Behind The Connection

There are many who believe that, birth control pills or oral contraceptives can dissolve the ovarian cyst, and thus the relation between birth control and ovarian cyst. This is why, in many cases, conventional medical practitioners suggest birth control remedies to help the woman get rid of her ovarian cyst syndrome.

In some cases, the ovarian mass may even suggest ovarian cancer or other complications like a ruptured or hemorrhaging ovarian cyst, the evaluation of which needs the active assistance of a gynecologist.

Women of reproductive age, release an egg once in a month. The ovary receives the egg from its inside that reaches its surface in the form of a blister or fluid-filled sac (or cyst). As the blister or the cyst reaches the surface, the cyst bursts , thus releasing the egg. After this, it usually develops into a different type of cyst, which produces a hormone called progesterone that helps the pregnancy to grow. Under normal circumstances, these cysts grow and disintegrate themselves. However, healthcare providers feel that women who regularly take birth control pills develop lesser number of cysts, as the pill prevents an egg to be released.

However, there are those who feel that birth control pills or oral contraceptives have very little or no effect in controlling ovarian cysts or reducing their numbers. Reference also drawn from the Cochrane review conducted by Family Health International suggests that birth control pills need not be used as a measure to control ovarian cysts as they have no control over their formation.

So birth control solutions may not be the cyst treatment. What you should do is opt for holistic remedies that get rid of the root causes and offer a permanent remedy.

Birth Control Ovarian  Cyst

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Birth Control Ovarian  Cyst

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