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Bilateral Ovarian Cyst: The Facts Behind Bilateral Ovarian Cyst

To be precise, the bilateral ovarian cyst can be found in both the ovaries. Younger women having the bilateral ovarian cyst suffer from lower back pain, and this is associated with the copious pelvic fluid. Also, certain types of cysts like Theca lutein cysts tend to be bilateral that result in substantial ovarian enlargement known as 'hyperreactio luteinalis'.


These cysts are caused by luteinization and hypertrophy of the theca interna cell layer resulting from undue stimulation of beta-human chorionic gonadotropin (bhCG). They can occur in the gestational trophoblastic disease, exogenous ovarian hyper stimulation or multiple gestations. Theca lutein cysts are mostly associated with maternal androgen but become manageable when the bhCG level goes down. However, some of these are complicated by torsion or hemorrhage, while around 30% of these can cause maternal androgen excess.


A typical case study involving the bilateral ovarian cyst concerns a 13 year old girl who kept complaining about her lower back pain for four years. It was real painful when she used the restroom. Ultra sound investigations revealed an unknown pelvic mass with pelvic fluid inside. She was given pain medication for getting relief from severe left side pain, and a few months later, another examination showed bilateral ovarian cyst with pelvic fluid.


The ovarian cyst syndrome can be extremely painful, and it can lead to complications as well, and thus cyst treatment is necessary. While there are many treatment options, including natural treatment ovarian cyst , but the holistic course of treatment has been determined to be the most effective, and this is because it can address the root causes of the problem and offer a permanent remedy.

Bilateral Ovarian Cyst

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Bilateral Ovarian Cyst

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