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Are Benign Ovarian Cysts Common? Here's the ANSWER

Even though benign or non-cancerous cysts are a common phenomenon with women who are in the reproductive age, medical doctors before diagnosing such conditions usually insist on ruling out cancer. It seems that there is some relationship between cancer and ovarian cysts and thus, this need to be ruled out.

The follicle or the cyst that originates in the ovaries bursts during ovulation every month as a routine procedure. Nevertheless, this normal physiologic process at times goes haywire. Instead of bursting and freeing the egg, the follicle continues to bulge with fluid or blood or even the corpus luteum fails to dissolve despite the fact that the egg has not been fertilized. In either of these cases, the outcome is a 'functional cyst'  that is nothing but a fluid-filled sac which can vary much in size. This is always benign in nature.

In pre-menopausal women, functional cysts are always benign. But they disappear on their own within a couple of months. When they do not go away themselves, birth control pills are prescribed that works by way of preventing the release of hormones to stimulate ovulation. And deprivation of hormonal stimulation makes the functional ovarian cyst to shrink in size and eventually disappear. Also, the ovarian cysts that do not disappear quickly are mostly semi-solid cysts like the dermoid type that may develop into fairly large size.

However, any cyst which proves to be around 6 cm in diameter in a pre-menopausal woman should be investigated as a case of probable malignancy.

There are some natural PCOS treatments and over the counter remedies too. But the fact is, holistic remedies always work best because they can get rid of the root causes of the problem.

Benign Ovarian Cysts

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Benign Ovarian Cysts

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