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Hi. My name is Carol Foster, and I am the creator and author of this site out of years of passion and personal interest in the holistic natural approach to healing. I am a hardcore independent researcher, nutrition specialist and an author and co-author of several books all dealing with alternative health methods.

I have personally been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and PCOS at the very young age of 25. Knowing that my PCOS and ovarian cyst conditions were partly hereditary along with the urgent need to find an alternative cure without having to insert drugs into my system, for 14 years I have dwelled into the depth of conventional medicine, human biology, naturopathy and alternative health, and personally experienced with myriad of vitamins, minerals, esoteric supplements and diets, contrary to my doctor's advice.

After 14 years my battle with reccuring ovarian cysts and their related symptoms was finally over. I won. Since then, I was able to maintain excellent levels of health, hormonal and reproductive balance and emotional wellbeing without the use of drugs, creams or surgical procedures. I had since ramatically improved my over whole health, look and feel and helped many of my readers achieve the same, naturally, and without any side effects.

My basic belief is that all major chronic diseases are the result of a deep inner imbalance; usually triggered by poor lifestyle, wrong diet and emotional imbalance combined with hereditary factors. Restoring the body to its primal natural inner balance along with specifically tackling the building blocks of each disease will eventually neutralize the core of most chronic conditions and gradual healing will occur. My Internet philosophy is to offer the absolute best high quality information available in the most accessible format. I feel strongly that everyone is entitled to know the truth about his/her condition contrary to what the media tries to tell us, and have access to unbiased information to lead him or her to natural health.

.And so this site was born.

I hope you find this site useful and enlightening and if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to email me. I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, Carol Foster

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