Ovarian Cyst Pain Treatment | Ruptured Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

What Do You Know
About Ovarian Cysts?

Ovarian cysts are harmless, small fluid-filled sacs that normally develop in women's ovaries. However, women of all ages can be affected by cysts, some of which are described below.

         Follicular ovarian cyst is likely to form in the ovary either when ovulation dos not take place, or when a mature follicle disintegrates itself at the time of the ovulation. It can cause sharp and severe pain, and the condition is known as mittelschmerz, since it happens in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

         Corpus luteum cyst mostly occurs when an egg has been freed from a follicle and the follicle itself turns into a corpus luteum. In the event of pregnancy not occurring, it may either break down and disappear, or get filled with fluid or blood and persevere on the ovary as a cyst.

         Hemorrhagic cyst is the name given to an ovarian cyst when it bleeds heavily, causing abdominal pain.

         Dermoid cyst is more or less a form of benign tumor that grows to an abnormal size and is often referred to as mature cystic teratoma.

         Endometrioid cyst is formed when the endometrial tissue starts growing in the ovaries.

Apart from these, there are a few cyst related conditions that include Polycystic-appearing ovary, Polycystic ovarian syndrome and Cystadenoma that affect many women, causing abdominal pain and heaviness in the pelvic area.

Even though there are several ovarian cyst syndrome treatments such as over the counter solutions and even home remedies, the problem can be best solved with the holistic approach. Holistic treatments treat address not just the symptoms, but the root causes, and thus, the solution is permanent.

About Ovarian Cysts

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About Ovarian Cysts

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