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Abnormal Ovarian Cyst REVEALED - Everything You Need to Know!

A large number of women have cysts in the ovary. And so, there are many people and some of them are even medical professionals, who believe that they are quite normal. In other words, when you are in the child bearing age, it is likely that you will have cysts. Often, these cysts are not quite normal, and this is when they are referred to as "abnormal ovarian cysts". Diagnostic tests like ultra sound and MRI scanning can confirm that you have abnormal cysts in your ovaries. Even though most of the cysts are benign (non-cancerous), but still you need to be bothered because sometimes benign cysts can cause complications too. However the good news is, whether normal or abnormal, the ovarian cysts can be treated.


Know About The Ovarian Cysts


First of all, abnormal ovarian cysts are different from functional cysts. The cysts occur due to imbalance in the female hormones (Progesterone and Oestrogen) that are within your body. However there could be several other contributing factors as well for the formation of these growths. It can be said that these cysts are a result of abnormal cell growths, and that, they cannot be termed as cancerous.


Types of abnormal ovarian cysts


Abnormal ovarian may often be quite bizarre and awful both in nature and in appearance. Take for instance the Dermoid cyst that contains pockets of blood, cartilages, skin and bone and even eyes, nails, teeth, bones, fat as also thyroid tissues. When images are taken of these growths, often women become afraid just looking at them because of their bizarre appearance. Also sometimes, these cysts are mistaken to be an unborn baby because they look like little humans.


In very rare cases, malignant dermoid cysts are found to develop into Squamous Cell Carcinoma in adults. In younger children, it often leads to 'Endometrial Sinus Tumor'.


Endometrial implants may take various shape, size and colour. In certain cases, they may grow enormous in size. There can be tiny patches of endometrial tissues that make up the inner layer of the uterine wall. They can bleed and shed off and become transplanted, growing and enlarging within the ovaries. As blood continues to build up over months and even years, the stale blood takes a chocolate brown colour and hence these cysts are frequently also known as "Chocolate Cysts" . When these cysts rupture, their contents spill over into the pelvis, covering the surface of the uterus, bladder, bowels and other nearby organs of the body.


Cysts that form from small egg follicles often cause the ovaries to become thickened and enlarged. When accompanied by acute hormonal imbalance, these turn into Polycystic Ovarian Cysts that grow in number and eventually takes the shape of PCOS. In other words, when there are multiple cysts within the ovary, the condition is referred to as PCOS.


The adenoma cyst develops and grows from the cells on the outer periphery of the ovaries, and they can become very large in size. Mucinous cyst adenomas for instance, are sometimes found in the form of enormous tumours that weigh as much as 328 lbs or 149 kg. In very rare cases, some of these tumours have turned malignant as well. However, these cysts usually occur at a young age, but they keep on growing silently. It is only when they are accidentally diagnosed through a routine check up that the abnormality is discovered.


Treatments For Abnormal Ovarian Cysts


Once an ovarian cysts diagnosis is made, the physician may recommend surgery when there is a risk of rupture or some other condition that can threaten the person. Surgeons often take the help of laparoscopic methods to assess the condition of the cysts and when found appropriate, they prick the cysts to make them blow away. There is a risk however. Since these cysts are filled with fluid, their contents can spill over and cause further complications to other organs within the body. Apart from surgery, abnormal ovarian cysts are also treated both through conventional and alternative therapies.


However, the best course left for a radical cure of the symptoms can be achieved through the holistic approach. This approach not only takes care of the symptoms of the disease, but at the same time goes into the root cause of the problem and nips it there in the bud. There are actually several contributing factors of abnormal ovarian cysts, and holistic remedies identifies them all and eradicates the root causes. And so, once the causes go away, the symptoms and the cysts go away too. Because of this, holistic treatments works best for ovarian cysts.

Abnormal Ovarian Cyst

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