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Ovarian Cysts Can Be DANGEROUS to Your Health and Fertility. Treat it NOW before It Is Too Late

Ovarian cysts can be referred to as small sacs filled with fluids that get developed in ovaries of a woman. Most of the cysts do not cause any harm. However, some of them might cause problems like bleeding, rupturing, or pain. One of the ways of getting rid of ovarian cysts is surgery.

Physiological ovarian cysts

In ovaries of any of the women falling in the childbearing age group, that who aren't on pills, there are some cystic structures, continuously coming as well as going. These are essential to have the egg developed and released thereafter. As they form a part of general ovarian function, 'physiological' is the term given to them.

In the 1st half of normal cycle of 28 days, maturing egg gets carried to surface of ovary that is contained within cystic structure called 'follicle' . The follicle not only performs the task of transporting the egg, but also carries out the manufacturing of estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone which stimulates the growth of uterine lining. Initiation of intrauterine facilitates the implantation of fertilized egg and development of embryo. During ovulation, the size of follicle can be compared with that of olive. When follicle ruptures, egg gets released. The follicular fluid, which was clear till now gets replaced by the blood which follows the process of rupturing. The secretion of progesterone starts after this. A yellow colored substance is formed at this time.

If pregnancy doesn't occur during this period, the yellow body becomes a bit scarred. This cystic structure is called 'corpus luteum'. The size of these structures is generally small. At times, this process has the tendency to get a bit carried away. The above-mentioned physiologic structures then get filled with either blood or follicular fluid, and might obtain the size of a tiny plum. Pain might be or might not be caused by such cysts. The immediate side-effect of physiologic cysts is irregularity of menstrual cycle. Such cysts are likely to leak, or twist the ovary. That's why; the patient might develop severe tenderness and pain. There would be a necessity of surgical intervention if the ultrasound happens to show an enlarged cyst.

Pathological Ovarian Cysts

The cystic structures which develop in ovary and which aren't part of ovulation cycle are called 'pathological ovarian cysts' . These growths can also be termed as 'tumors'. Tumors can be divided in to 2 categories: malignant, i.e. cancer or benign. Pathological ovarian cysts consist of various types. Certain cysts contain mucous, whereas some contain old blood. These kinds of cysts are common in young women who bear an array of the tissues in a disorderly manner. These tissues are usually found in fat, hair, bone, teeth, or thyroid gland. The biggest drawback of pathological cysts is that there is no regression on their part. The accumulation of fluid can take place tremendously. Moreover, as the cyst is filled with fluid, its growth can take place rapidly. This enlargement might take a few weeks or months.

Reasons behind ovarian cysts

If observed through ultrasound, the resemblance of ovarian cysts can be traced to bubbles. Cyst is full of only fluids. A slim wall surrounds it. Such a cyst is called 'Simple Cyst' or 'Functional Cyst'. If it happens to be a failure on the part of follicle to rupture and have the egg released, the fluid stays and is likely to form cyst in ovary. Due to this, one out of two ovaries gets affected. Tiny cysts might be present in normal ovary during the formation of follicles.

Adverse Effects

Ovarian cysts can affect a woman of any age. Most of the ovarian cysts have been considered to be functional or physiologic by doctors. It means that they are, by no means, related to disease. Majority of ovarian cysts are benign, i.e. they are non-cancerous. Moreover, many of them tend to disappear within a few weeks (on their own). The happening of cysts can range up to childbearing years of a woman. Ovarian cysts are classified as cancerous or non-cancerous growths. Ovarian cancer shows the presence of cysts in it, but ovarian cysts conventionally represent a harmless condition or normal process. Some types of ovarian cysts include follicular cyst, Corpus Luteum cyst, hemorrhagic cyst, dermoid cyst , and many more.

Holistic Approach

Now days, many methods of medication are being applied for curing ovarian cysts. However, they cannot guarantee complete success. Holistic approach is the only way by which ovarian cysts can be left behind. Not only that, holistic approach does not have any side-effects. So, it is 100% trustworthy. Holistic approach runs on the principle 'forewarned is fore earned'. It believes in eradicating ovarian cysts from their roots. Holistic approach aims at creation of fitness on the physical, mental, and spiritual level. It thus teaches that you should not run away from ovarian cysts, but face them with utmost courage.  

Ovarian Cyst A to Z

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