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What are 3 cm Ovarian Cysts? Types, Causes and Cure.

To know about the 3 cm ovarian cyst, we have to first know about ovarian cysts and understand how they get formed. Starting with the first day of the bleeding, to the next menstrual period, the cycle constitutes 28 calendar days. The first half of this is characterized by higher production of 'follicle-stimulating hormone' or FSH, which is known as the Follicular Phase. Estrogen production gives rise to the 'Leuteinizing Hormone' that result in the ovulation and freeing of the follicle.


The follicular leftover is creates the Corpus Luteum that starts producing progesterone, which in turn supports the released ovum, while inhibiting FSH and LH production. In the absence of pregnancy, luteal degeneration happens, progesterone levels decrease, while the LH and FSH levels start rising.


Several types of ovarian cysts are formed here. Follicular cysts may form, resulting mostly from omission of physiological discharge of the ovum on account of undue FSH stimulation or want of the usual LH flow at mid-cycle immediately before ovulation. These cysts continue to grow through hormonal stimulation, and in the case of follicular cysts , the growth is often larger that 2.5 cm in diameter. This leads to pelvic discomfort and heaviness in the pelvic area.


If the ovum is not fertilized (no pregnancy), the Corpus Luteum can last for 14 days. But if it is fertilized, it will go on secreting progesterone for several weeks till it is disintegrated. This is when the cyst goes through central hemorrhage. However, the absence of disintegration often results in formation of corpus luteal cyst that frequently grows to 3 cm in diameter.


Even though there are several methods to cure PCOS, the best course to follow is to take the holistic approach. Over the counter and other conventional remedies can at best treat the symptoms, but it is holistic remedies that can treat the root causes of the problem.

3 Cm Ovarian Cyst

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